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Iron Bodies Gym is a small, community-based gym with great equipment, staff, and atmosphere, but without the impersonal, corporate, restrictive environment typical of the chain fitness centers.

We provide low cost gym memberships and a wide variety of top quality cardiovascular, free weight, and strength training equipment to meet and maintain your fitness goals.

Featuring advanced ergonomics, easy-to-use consoles, iPod compatibility, and sophisticated heart rate monitoring, our Life Fitness treadmills, recumbent stationary cycles, elliptical cross-trainers, and StairMaster Step Mill enable our members to burn calories, tone and train muscles, and warm-up to prepare for stretching, free weight, and strength training.

Our plate loaded, ergonomically designed strength training machines — including renown brands such as Hammerstrength and Turbo — and our selectorized (cable driven) equipment — including well established brands such as Flex, Life Fitness, Nautilus, and Precor — help novice and experienced lifters to learn and maintain proper technique, balance, and safety while achieving optimal results.

For more advanced free weight lifters, we offer a full line of Ivanko urethane covered dumbbells from 5 to 150 pounds, Ivanko urethane covered 45 pound plates and regular metal 45 pound plates, multiple metal plates of lesser weights, Ivanko power lifting barbells and short barbells, a safety squat bar, benches, power racks, suspension cables, plyometric boxes, stability balls, slam balls, a Rogue Dead Lift Platform, and a Rogue Monster Landmine. (Please see http://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-deadlift-platform and http://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-monster-landmine)

For our customers who request instruction, we facilitate appointments between them and independent contractor trainers and health professionals in weight training and nutritional consulting. The trainers and health professionals charge comparatively much less than their counterparts at the big chain gyms and fitness clubs. We believe exercise should be healthy, fun, and inexpensive.

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Even after you become a member, we recommend that you visit our web site periodically for more updates. In the coming weeks and months, we will add more detailed profiles and photographs of our trainers, sample workouts, sample stretching routines, and clothing & supplements. We want to make your experience at Iron Bodies Gym to be both healthy and inexpensive. If you have additional questions, please stop by our front desk, call us at 714-791-0789, or e-mail us at info@ironbodiesgym.com

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