Alexander Morris

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Fitness Model, Actor, & Producer
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Cell Phone: 818-620-5454
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Instagram: @axmspeaks
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In October of 2019, Alexander Morris joined Iron Bodies Gym’s staff of personal trainers.  He brings to his clients an extensive background not only in fitness, but also in fitness modeling, acting, and producing.

Alexander understands the importance of physical appearance in personal and professional life.

However, he also understands the importance of exercise and proper nutrition to his clients’ overall health and wellness.  Alexander realized from learned life experience what to do and NOT to do to achieve fitness goals.

In his own words, Alexander explains:

I have been a personal trainer for two years now.

I specialize in athletic strengthening, flexibility, and functional training for those who are beginning their fitness journey. I also have two specialized certifications in nutrition and health building.

I train clients of all ages.

My own health journey started by myself when I was asked to lose 20 pounds in 14 days.  it was tough and wasn’t done in the healthiest way. However, that experience lit a lightbulb that illuminated why healthy living inside and outside the gym is so important to a great life.

So, I studied with some of the best fitness professionals, such as Shaun T. Fitness (birth name: Shaun Thompson), Chalene Johnson, among others. While I love to stay active, my career led me to the arena of fitness modeling for various brands, including Nike, Adidas, CrossFit, LA Fitness, Champion, Under Armour, among several others. Most recently, I helped unveil Nike’s new training line by trying on over 30 different shoes and outfits in a rapid filmed timespan.

Please note that Alexander Morris is an independent contractor not employed by Iron Bodies Gym.