Camden Reyes

N.A.S.M. Personal Trainer Certification # 1487746
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Hoffman Insurance Services Master Policy Number PHPK1129642
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Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certificate ID – 0VRB1B
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My name is Camden Reyes. My fitness journey began when I was in high school. As a teenager, my passion was basketball and it was my goal to make the varsity team. By the end of my freshman year, I had a chance to be placed on varsity, under one condition; in order for me to play, I needed to gain weight and increase my strength. I have always been one of the smaller kids in school and gaining weight was a real challenge for me, but since my chance of being on the varsity team and fulfilling my passion was on the line, I accepted this challenge. After about two years of experimenting with a multitude of bulking techniques and learning how to lift weights, I finally achieved my goal weight and realized that I had a new found passion and appreciation for weight lifting. I was stronger.

Overtime with my bulking mentality, I also became slower, had less energy, and I found myself eating whatever I wanted because I was always in the mentality that I needed to gain more weight. After gaining over 40 pounds, I found myself on the opposite end of the spectrum from where I began. So, I started experimenting once again with different training types. Eventually, I found the correct combination of training regimens for my goal which, paired with a healthy lifestyle and determination, was what really helped me tone my body and get into the shape that I wanted. Once I figured this out, I became thirsty for knowledge about health and fitness and I needed concrete answers to questions that still probed by my mind.

Camden spotting client on bench press

I obtained certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). NASM answered all my previous questions as well as educated me on a variety of different training sciences. Additionally, it taught me an integrated approach combined with an individualized system depending on the goal. This, paired with my own experience and journey, now allows me to help and guide others to their own personal fitness goals.

Camden coaching client on dead lifts
My love for fitness has since evolved. What was once a sole focus on weight lifting now involves calisthenics, yoga, flexibility, balance, cardiorespiratory, reactive training, and all types of outdoor recreation. I continue to expand my fitness horizon and further my fitness knowledge through education and credentialing.

Please note that Camden Reyes is an independent contractor not employed by Iron Bodies Gym.


One-on-One Sessions

• Individualized programs tailored to your specific goals

• Customized to meet training needs

• Approximately 45 minutes to an hour long sessions

• All modalities and equipment brought to you or available at Iron Bodies Gym

Group Sessions

• Train with friends and family of similar goals

• Cost effective approach

Online Coaching

• Programs designed based on the equipment you own at home

• Appropriate progressions weekly

• Weekly check-ins via email or Skype