Some gym members need help developing exercise and nutritional regimens by using our fitness trainers, who have gym keys that allow them to train clients at ALL hours, including non-official business hours. Please review the partial list of independent contractor trainers and health professionals available at our gym. You may click on any person’s name on the list below this introduction for more information.

If you wish to use someone with whom we are unfamiliar, please ask that person to call our General Manager, Joe Rodriguez, or send an email to the gym.

Gym Telephone:   714-791-0789

Gym E-mail: info@ironbodiesgym.com

As long as we are satisfied that a person is qualified as a trainer or health professional and that he or she understands our rules, you are free to use that person at our gym.

Larry Brown
Personal Trainer – Nutritionist – Weight Training – Certified AFFA,
CPA (disabled persons), APEX.

Phyman Dang
Personal Trainer & Coach – Nutritionist – Power Lifting
Cal State Long Beach Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Lucious Davis
Personal Trainer – Weight Training – Performance Enhancement Specialist – Sports Specific Coaching – Meal Planning – NASM-PES Certified

Juan Salgado
Personal Trainer-Nutritionist-Power Lifting-Certified NESTA, NAFC, NCSF, USPA, CPR/AED

Latrice Smith
Personal Trainer – Weight Training – Certified W.I.T.S

Marco Torres

Personal Trainer – Weight Training – Functional Training – Postural Correction – Nutritionist –  NASM Certified