Eduardo Kill

Personal Trainer, Life Coach, GroupX & Nutritional Guidance
Education: B.S. in Physical Education
Les Mills USA National Trainer/Presenter
CPR/AED and First Aid certified
Cell Phone: (619) 519-3298
Web Site:

Eduardo Kill is one of Iron Bodies Gym’s most well-rounded trainers who follows a multi-disciplined approach to personal training and exercise.  Eduardo works primarily as an ONLINE personal trainer & coach, but he also trains select clients in person at Iron Bodies Gym.

In his own words, Eduardo explains (as of 2016):

“My name is Eduardo Kill, aka Kill or Killer. Yep, that’s my real last name. I’m an Athlete, Trainer, Observer of life, Husband and Father of 3 boys! I was born and raised in Brazil and now an American Citizen living in the Golden State of California. I love to keep my Body in top Fitness Conditioning, Master new Physical Skills and Sports, absorb and apply as many empowering knowledge as I can and to help my clients getting the results that they want. Till this day I get goose bumps and get truly inspired when I witness a breakthrough or a shift in my clients and any person’s Physical and Mental Level. Through out all my life I could enjoy the wonderful experience of being in great shape and accomplish all that I wanted using the power of The Body and The Mind. Now I want to share that with You and as many People as I can. I hope to get to know you better and influence your life for the best.

My Mission: Inspire, Share and Help everyone to be Healthy, Wealthy, Fit and Become the Best Version of Themselves By Living with Passion & Enthusiasm towards a Sustainable World while Respecting the different Customs and Cultures around the Globe.

Only by the faith and courage to take action will you begin to see changes.”

Here are some of Eduardo’s Career Highlights (as of April 2016):

• Les Mills USA National Trainer/Presenter Of BODYCOMBAT – BODYPUMP – CXWORX
• BODYCOMBAT 61 DVD International Presenter
• Personal Trainer Since The Year 2000
• Teaching Group Classes in more then 15 gyms since 1996
• Teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2010 & Practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Since The Year 2000
• Currently Brown Belt Holder in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
• 2nd in the World in 1997 in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Purple Belt)
• Brazilian Rowing Champion and Second Place in South America
• Amateur Surfing Competitor
• 2 years of Capoeira training
• 2 years training in Kick Boxing
• 2 years training in Kung Fu Shaolin
• 1 year Judo training
• 6 Years of Yoga Training and counting since 2010
• Develop, implement and monitor strategic assessment, weight lifting and cardiovascular personalized training software programs for male and female clients
• Practicing Vegan

Please note that Eduardo Kill is an independent contractor not employed by Iron Bodies Gym.