Marco Torres

N.A.S.M. Certification # 1160007357
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Functional Training Certificate
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Cell Phone: 714-269-6777
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Marco Torres of Total Tank Training is a great personal trainer & nutritionist.  Marco is certified as a personal trainer by N.A.S.M., and he specializes in postural corrections to reduce knee, back, and joint pain in general.  He also holds a certificate in Functional Training.

In addition to working as a trainer, Marco is a loving husband and father of small children.  He sees the need for BALANCE in each person’s life.

He understands that many people view personal training expenses as an extravagance, not a necessity, and that most trainers offer the same program to all clients with a cookie-cutter, one-method-for-all approach.  Marco counters those views with the following compelling argument: “(At the beginning of every week he spends time) going over my clients’ daily routines I genuinely care about my clients, their weight loss and gains, and overall performance. If you want cheap, large class boot camp training, get lost in a group, and gain weight as soon as it over, then go ahead.  But if you want one-on-one postural corrections (i.e. reduce knee/back pain, et cetera), proper nutritional plans, and constant improvement in your life, then I’m your guy. Yeah, personal training is expensive, but so is going out to restaurants multiple times each week and drinking at Starbucks everyday.”

Marco also understands that getting fit and healthy is difficult but that it can be done with persistent effort over time, as demonstrated by the three time-lapse photos showing his own transformation from an overweight student to a muscular & fit personal trainer.  Please view those photos and others in the slide show at the bottom of this page.

Marco’s commitment to his clients shows by the following reviews of his Total Tank Training on Facebook:

Samir Karimi reviewed Total Tank Training — 

5 star

November 6, 2017 · 

Marco is an excellent trainer. He really emphasizes nutrition and gives you meal plans to really help hit your goals. He explains form in detail and helps you understand why you should or shouldn’t do something. Most importantly he really cares and will answer your questions to help you reach your goals.

Anne Luben reviewed Total Tank Training — 

5 star

September 21, 2015 · 

Marco is an awesome trainer! He’s incredibly knowledgable and challenging in the best way possible. I came to Marco with a background in dance and no idea of what to even do in a gym. Now I have my own set of workouts that I can do, and I’m stronger and healthier! I can’t recommend him enough – love him!

Christina Torres reviewed Total Tank Training —

5 star

September 13, 2015 ·

Awesome trainer! He has proven time and time again what works and what doesn’t work. Whether it be through exercise or a proper nutritional diet. Total tank training will not only leave you feeling great after every workout but you will go from using machines to being turned into a machine!

Cole Dispalatro reviewed Total Tank Training —

5 star

September 14, 2015 ·

I am a member of Total Tank Training and believe it is one of the best personal training resources in Orange County. It’s an awesome gym with friendly people, low crowds, and state of the art equipment. It’s hard to find a place, and trainer, this good. Marco truly cares about his clients and it shows through his personalized routines, nutritional guides, wealth of knowledge, availability outside of the gym for extra questions, motivational attitude to help reach your goal, and the sheer need to see you succeed. He helped me reach my goals faster than expected. It’s no ordinary gym membership.

Dave Reynolds reviewed Total Tank Training —

5 star

June 15, 2017 ·

Marco is a great trainer and nutritionist! He always knows how to keep you motivated, pushing yourself and gaining the results you’re looking for.

Please note that Marco Torres is an independent contractor not employed by Iron Bodies Gym.