Phil Rubin

N.S.C.A. Personal Trainer Certification #7247824653
Cell Phone: 714-576-4766

Phil Rubin started weight training in 1984, switching over from running and long distance bicycling. Since then, he has acquired experience from both bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Since the mid 80’s several exercise fads have come and gone (remember Tai-Bo?) but Phil has stayed with the basics… the basics that work both body and mind and generate long lasting results.

For an example of the results Phil can help his clients achieve, please read the following testimonial offered by his client, Patt:

“I was in Orange County and decided to stop by one of the branches of my gym to workout. I had recently been diagnosed with a back issue and research I did on this particular malady stated that weight-lifting would be one of the best methods of overcoming it. I had never used free weights before, so I decided to ask for help from a personal trainer. Am I ever glad it was Phil who was assigned to me. One look at this guy and I knew he lived what he taught. Most of the personal trainers at the gym look like they’re in okay shape. Phil looks like he should be competing in heavy weight class weight-lifting. The guy is huge! Beyond that, he listened to everything I had to say about my problems, assessed my body and got to work designing a program for me that was truly designed specifically for me. Then he walked me through each particular exercise that I would be doing to ensure that I was doing them all correctly. This was the best part for me because I was sure I was going to hurt myself. It’s been several months since I started with Phil and in that time I have continually increased my weights and never once hurt myself. Phil is the greatest!”

• N.S.C.A. (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Certified
• 30 years experience weight training
• Work with all age groups but specialize in people over 35 years old
• Familiar with health conditions of older adults, i.e., diabetes, heart problems, osteoporosis, et cetera
• Familiar with working with injuries
• Competitive powerlifter
• Had double knee surgery (ruptured BOTH quadricep tendons simultaneously) and less than two years later went on to compete in powerlifting meet and WIN my class!
• Use old school methods that WORK!
• No bull, no fads, just RESULTS!

Phil’s client Peter demonstrates Russian Twist & Shoulder Press on Landmine.

Phil’s client Scott demonstrates T-bar row on Landmine.

For more details, please contact Phil directly at 714-576-4766 or

Please note that Phil Rubin is an independent contractor not employed by Iron Bodies Gym.