We invite our members and visitors to share their experiences at Iron Bodies Gym. Please tell us what fitness goals you set for yourself, your motivations, and how you achieved those goals and/or improved your health.

If particular trainers, staff, or even other gym members helped or encouraged you to achieve your goals, please tell us.

We want Iron Bodies Gym to remain a close-knit, supportive, community-oriented gym that values each member as a unique individual with specific fitness needs and goals.

We also want to maintain a positive, non-threatening, safe environment where everyone — from out-of-shape novice to competitive body builder — feels free to exercise at his or her own pace.

Please tell us whether our staff helped you to reach your fitness goals, and how we may improve.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, we respect your decision. You do not have to post your name or any identification with your testimonial or comment.

If you would like visitors to our web site to contact you for more information or just to offer their encouragement, you may include your contact information.

If you want to include a link — e.g., to a social media site or video display site — that chronicles your physical transformation, please feel free to do so.

To write your testimonial or submit a video of your fitness progress, please visit the following social media links:

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